Tribute to openeers

(open begins with sharing)

Image: Stefano Mortellaro/Flickr                                                 

We dedicate this list to the pioneers and engineers of openability, aka to the openeers.

An openeer is a person or group of unique influence to open philosophy and information sharing, and that has freed ideas, creative works, designs, or inventions.

They sowed seeds advancing the open universe:


Benjamin Franklin

An entrepreneur's refusal to patent inventions he freed, generously, for the public good

Thomas Jefferson

Donated his library collection to help restore the Library of Congress


American Library Association

Providing and extending information, free of censorship, as a public service internationally

Nikola Tesla

Invented for universal reach instead of limiting abundance obsessively


H.P. Lovecraft

Shared freely among other writers his Mythos of Cthulhu horrors

Project Gutenberg

A database of public domain books in a reliably open format and made freely available


Richard Stallman

Groundbreaking and ongoing work on freeing software

Tim Berners-Lee

Helped unleash the internet and working to keep it open


Human Genome Project

Freed its discoveries to humanity before anybody could deny open access to them

Linus Torvalds

He introduced Linux and has significantly extended/influenced the open-source movement


Continual work on open standards to accelerate and strengthen the internet globally

Internet Archive

Preserving a history of the internet which current and future generations can browse


Working toward an open internet, driving open standards, and freeing its own technology


Creative Commons

A toolset anyone can use to legally build upon, remix, and share creative works

Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia volunteers

Creating a vast, open repository of knowledge that anyone can freely share and remix

One Laptop Per Child

Empowering children in poverty globally, with an openable computer of durability and connectivity

The RepRap Project

Openable 3D printer increasingly enables people to print material goods at home

Google Summer of Code

Mentoring students who develop and improve open source projects

Blender Foundation

Hires talent to create open 3D media and freely shares access to its 3D technology

Open Content Alliance

Creating an open alternative to Google Books


Sets music free and hired an orchestra in order to free classical music masterpieces

Jay Bradner

Freeing research to labs led to making cancer "forget" that it's cancer


Developing an open source car for commercial production that others may freely copy

Bug Labs

Developing open tech to enable rapid prototyping of electronic devices

Open Source Ecology

Its open, do-it-yourself, modular toolset that enables people globally to build small, sustainable civilizations